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30+ years of water purification experience since 1985

Water Galaxy International Pty Ltd is from Australia, a senior member of the United States Water Quality Association, accumulated more than 30 years of water purification experience from the household water purification system, developed to the electrolyzed alkaline water. A professional water filtration system designed to your needs by our experienced consultants. Playing a main role of the water purification industry. John Guest Speedfit Greater China Authorised Dealer.

Never stop is our motto, the introduction of High-tech first-hand data, enterprising resources on our own research and development, so as to our products.

Not only to provide professional precision water purification services for household, but also for the water purification industry to provide patented spares, accessories, and one-stop production line services.

~ ~ We Care What You Drink! ~ ~

For existing customers or future customers, we always hold a lifelong intimate commitment to clean water. Our attentive customer service ambassadors will make regular phone calls reminder for filter expiration, news products updates, listen carefully and arrange relevant information and professional technical design support.

A Professional Water filtration system designed to your needs by our experienced consultants

The professional technical consultant will liaise closely with the customer service ambassadors to deal with each of the customer’s problems, provide technical advisors or related professional design technical support, and immediate emergency response. Professional tailor-made designed for home, commercial, industrial water filtration system services to your needs. Our professional team will solve all your problems; without restrictions of any region, location, climate, & water quality!

Global One-stop water purification service commitment

Our branches are located in Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, East Asia or all over China. Connected to online services, our service areas have been spread throughout all over the world. No matter where the customer is and how the water is, we can solve it through our service expert and professional Support Team.