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It’s a common fact that, the quality of home water directly related to the health of the family, poor water or household water supply pollution is one of the important causes of various diseases. As the home water supply is not like tobacco, alcohol, food, etc. can be arbitrary choice or withdrawal according to personal preferences, housing once purchased, the water has been determined. Water is inseparable with people everyday lives, water quality is not only related to the health of drinking water, but also related to the health of water. Serious scale, silt, rust and other problems destroyed our lives and health, reducing our quality of life, so the installation of water purification system must be included in the renovation plan is obvious. Imagine if we have a clean home water, has a good water quality, clean and pure water quality and sweet, not only directly drinking, and used to make soup, cooking, food more fragrant, its perfect to the whole family life.


How does Water Galaxy filter?

Our drinking water filtration system is made of pure stainless steel with very high specification, durable, clean and sanitary, and adopts multiple program filtration, which can effectively reduce the pollution impurities in the water and filter your drinking water. Water purifier for multi-stage multiple filtration system, can remove lead, chlorine, chloride, bacteria, chloroform, carcinogenic factors, all kinds of chemical pollutants, cholera and Escherichia coli and so on.

The potable water you drink every day to achieve pure, healthy effect.

In response to the different needs of customers, can be divided into the following kinds of different material level system, for your drinking water thoroughly remove heavy metals, bacteria, pollutants and odor and so on.


1/High-tech Fiber Filter, 23 patented proprietary technology, filter industry is unique.

2/Ceramic Filter, micro-micron suspended particles (that is, 75 times smaller than the diameter of human hair)

3/Activated carbon, High-tech high precision activated carbon column of the United States, make activated carbon to play the highest water purification efficiency

4/KDF System, Pure natural operation, safe sterilization method, no chemical fungicides, will not be harmful to human health.


* * Want to understand to protect the family? Please see the details below * *


High-Tech fibre filter

Many years ago, cylindrical filters are wire-wound filters, in 1978, we invented the pure polypropylene resin continuum release of the short fiber cylinder-like filter, significantly changed the performance of the cylinder filter, there are 23 patented proprietary technology, as a cylindrical filter industry unique products.

Micro-single fibers control the density of the filtration characteristics of the classification, this automated manufacturing technology to ensure the quality of production stability, new thermal vacuum technology to make the filter unusually clean, and with easy to identify imprinted.

True density rating

1/filter from outside-in, from low to high

2/impurities in the full section of the filter, creating a super storage power

3/No room plug to reduce flow and increase filter scrap

4/More long service life than similar cylinder cartridge

High-tech fibre structure

1/cartridge will not move under high pressure fluctuation,

2/high strength and complete structure provides excellent sealing performance

3/Only media migration to ensure no fibre contamination

4/patented thermally bonded micro-fibre technology to ensure uniformity of quality


Density curve

1/Low density surface filter to remove large particles of impurities

2/high density surface filtration of small particles



Ceramic initial filtration can filter out the water micro-micron suspended particles (that is, 75 times times smaller than the diameter of human hair), effective rate of more than 99.9%, so can reduce water rust, sand mud, mud residue, hair, dust, cysticercosis, parasites and bacteria.

Activated carbon

The activated carbon is an expensive carbon material, after a special process, anaerobic high-temperature manufacturing, by the United States high technology will granular activated carbon high-pressure, made of high-density activated carbon cylinder, used to increase the area of contact with water, but also increase the effectiveness of adsorption of pollutants, when the flow through these paths, chemical pollution and other pollutants,

will be adsorbed to achieve the effect of filtering. High precision activated carbon column filters water pollution, activated carbon column can filter out water chlorine, chloroform, nitrogen tetrachloride, FDB, TCE, PCB, carcinogenic factors and herbicides, pesticides, pesticides, arsenic and other high chemical pollution and heavy metals and lead pollution, the special design of Activated carbon column is High-tech compression,


So that the fresh water and activated carbon layer to maintain the longest contact time, so that activated carbon to play the highest water purification effect.




KDF system

Water Galaxy uses KDF system, because many other water filters use silver to eliminate bacteria in the water. However, according to the United States Environmental Protection Organization (EPA), silver is harmful to human health, it is classified as “chemical fungicide”, and KdF is a “bactericidal efficacy of the instrument” category.

With no doubt, KDF is a natural and safe method of removing bacteria, and has been proven to be more effective. What is KDF?


What is KDF?

KDF was invented by Mr.don Heskett, the full name is kinetic degradation fluxion, Chinese can be translated “fluid live leap degradation decomposition.”
This scientific name describes the principle of clean water for this filter and its abbreviations are also used as the name for this filter media. KDF is the bulk and shape of zinc-copper alloy particles, its manufacturing power is unique advanced, the use of Water Division technology, the first highly purified zinc and copper melting, and then according to a specific proportion of mixed. Choose Zinc, copper two kinds of metals mainly because they are good water purification substances and can be placed in the water for a long time without adverse effects.

KDF Since its inception, has been used only in large industries, such as beverage factories, wineries and so on.
Principle of KDF water purification The principle of water purification of KDF is different from the active carbon used in general water filter. Activated carbon is the use of a large surface area of the contaminated material in the water, from achieving the effect of clean water.
KDF is the use of electrode chemical redox process, the pollutant electrolysis, neutralization, into harmless or even beneficial substances, natural better. In the electrode chemical redox process, in each KDF particle, zinc is anode, copper is cathode, the vacancy between particles and particles is electrolytic pool, and the water and its containing oxygen, minerals, pollutants and so on will assume the role of electrolyte.

When the KDF is in contact with the potable water, it will produce trace currents, exert the electrolytic action, and electronically exchange with the pollutants in the water, thus neutralizing and transforming them.



KDF – function of water purification

Using the principle of chemical oxidation and reduction of electrodes, KDF can play the following kinds of excellent water purification functions, to provide you with a bit of pure and delicious sanitary water:


  1. Removal of chlorine and other inorganic compounds

kdf to eliminate chlorine and other pollutants derived from chlorine, such as carcinogenic substances, three halogen methane, than the general filter is more advantageous. When the KDF and chlorine-containing water contact, will be through the electrode chemical redox process, the chlorine and zinc oxide into a combination of zinc chloride. Editor’s note: The investigation confirms that zinc chloride is a useful mineral for the human body. In addition, KDF is also effective in removing fluoride, nitrate, and other inorganic compounds that pollute water.


  1. Removal of heavy metal

KDF can also effectively remove heavy metals that seriously affect human health in water. including lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic and so on.

For example, through the electrode chemical redox process, copper in the KDF can remove lead in the water, while zinc can remove cadmium.


  1. Inhibit bacteria growth

Many other water filters use silver to eliminate bacteria in the water. However, according to the United States

Environmental Protection Organization (EPA), because silver is harmful to human health, it is classified as

“chemical fungicide”, and KdF is a “bactericidal efficacy of the instrument” category.


It can be seen that KDF is a natural and safe method of removing bacteria, and it is proved to be more effective.