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Many people may ask, what is the most natural methods to care for hair.
First thing you should know is: What kind of water do you use?

This is important because water is a part of nature, but it is often taken for granted.

If we use a chemical-filled water, how much will it affect if you change your shampoo to a more natural variety? In our water supply, there are about 2100 kinds of chemical substances commonly used. One of the most harmful chemicals to hair and skin (also your respiratory tract) is chlorine. Chlorine is a strong oxidizing agent that can easily oxidize skin keratoderma protein, cause itching and cause various skin diseases. Believe that no one likes these things!


Water purifier is the inevitable choice, water purifier There are many benefits!

Improve mood Some chemicals actually hurt your mood.

You know chlorine exposure can lead to physical fatigue, Do you stress and reduce your immune function? So, it’s best to start your day with a water purifier shower?

Beautify your hair and skin

Does skin and hair really look like something acidic?

In fact, a water purifier shower with a weak acidic solution is good for your hair and skin health!

In addition, removing chlorine and amines can be explained by reducing dry skin and redness. In terms of hair, it shows better hair. It keeps moisture locked, makes your hair soft, reduces curl and hurts. Improve the hair and skin.


Clean and hygienic

Reduce skin diseases such as eczema and so on

A water purifier shower can filter out thousands of microbes and bacteria in the shower nozzle, which is carcinogenic to the three halogen methane. Make the skin clean and hygienic, tender slippery and meticulous.


Soothing airway

When we shower, we breathe in all the steam and vapour in the water, which may include the addition of chemical substances. This may cause our respiratory response or affect our lungs to suck up harmful toxins. The researchers found that after a 10-minute absence of a filtered shower, the study participant’s lung chloroform increased about 2.7ppb!.

Using a water purifier shower can filter harmful toxins and soothe asthma and allergy sufferers.


Width: 26cm x Diameter: 9cm

– Hose Diameter: 1/2 ”

– Product net weight: 786 grams

– Shell weighs : 206 grams

– Cartridge housing: 50 grams x2

One-branch filter : inner Filler

KDF : 170 grams x2

– Calcium sulphite : 70grams


1. KDF can remove chlorine, heavy metals, etc.

  1. Absolutely Japan import chlorine removal material, chlorine removal effect industry first
  2. does not add any medical stone and other unrelated low-cost materials
  3. is completely unaffected by temperature effect on chlorine removal
  4. ion emission is the strongest in the industry
  5. not only directly remove chlorine, but also has energy function
  6. effectively remove 15,000 gallons of chlorine gas
  7. High: 6cm x Diameter: 9cm
  8. Hose Diameter: 1/2 “
  9. Inner cardridge KDF + gac
  10. Part of Housing 18.8/304 Stainless Steel