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Ultraviolet water disinfection system has adopted the international more than 30 years of research and development in the late 90 and gradually industrialized the latest disinfection technology, is a disinfection of large quantities of physical disinfection equipment.

The device utilizes ultraviolet system to physically destroy pathogenic organisms such as viruses and bacteria that flow through the water of the system, so that they cannot reproduce and reproduce completely and thoroughly disinfection of water. Ultraviolet water disinfection system can disinfect freshwater, seawater, sewage, containing a variety of high risk pathogens of waste water. The system can not only handle small amounts of water (hundreds of litres per hour), but is particularly suitable for low-cost treatment of large water (50 tons per hour to 500 tons of water), or even greater water.


The widest application area, the lowest operating cost of High-tech water disinfection products.


Advantages of Ultraviolet disinfection

This technology has no harmful chemical substances that harm health.

Our lamps have a lasting energy efficiency.

Its compact design makes it easy to install.