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Everpure -H104 – Micro-Pure technology water filtration system
H-104 Part No. EV9262-71

Get more peace of mind with the Everpure H-104 system.
Designed with the unique Micro-Pure technology,
the H-104 offers healthful, great tasting water.
When it’s time to change the H-104 filter, order replacement cartridge number EV9612-11.

Model No. : H-104 Drinking water system
Measurement : H:20” x W:5” x D:5”
Flow Rate/Min. : 2L /Min. depends on water quality
Pipe Size (cm) : 1.3
Capacity : 3780 liter depends on water quality
Operation temperature : 2-38C cold water use only
Pressure : 10-125 PSI
Component of Housing : PP
Reduces the following contaminants:
– lead,
– Cysts such as Giardia lamblia, entamoeba histolytica and cryptosporidium parvum
– chlorine taste and odor
– dirt and cloudiness
– mold and algae
– particulates (oxidized iron, manganese and sulfides)
** Flow rate which will be depends on the material or cartridges, we provide with variety types, such as resin, activated carbon, KDF, brim, filter-AFG, and polypropylene, ceramic.
** Cartridge replacement is subject to water quality and volume.

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