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Under -counter water purifier & ionizer

Japan Electrolyzed Ionized Alkaline water machine

– auto-cleansing electrolysis tank system, starts everytime before use
– faucet cleaning system – the pipe is cleaned automatically by the acid water before use
– ORP value range: +600mV to -500mV, see more below for ORP information.
– 260,000 Color OLED display
– 5 advanced electroplate technology, calcination processing with platinum coated titanium, produces an important amout of activated hydrogen, an major component to eliminates free radicals.
-9 levels of water ph values provid all daily needs, including 4 ionized alkaline, 1 non-ionized purified, and 4 ionized acidic

Package Including

  • Permanent maintenance
  • Free water quality test
  • Free installation, relocation and reinstallation service
  • The company-own service team provides regularly repairing, maintenance and filter element replacement service in profession manner Thirty years of stable and reliable professional water purification experience
  • 12-month credit card interest-free installment




Acidic ~ Generally refers to oxidation. The antioxidant index (ORP) is expressed as + (positive)
Alkaline ~ Generally refers to redox, and the antioxidant index (ORP) is expressed as – (negative)

Retain the positively charged calcium ions, potassium ions, magnesium ions, sodium ions and other cations that are beneficial to the body and gather at the cathode to become alkaline electrolyzed water for drinking

The negative potential of chloride ions, tri-halo-methane ions, phosphoric ions, sulfuric ions, nitric ions and other anions are collected at the anode to become acidic oxidized water, which is used for beauty water and other disinfection purposes.

ORP in water quality testing refers to Potential of Oxidation & Reduction. It is also called oxidation-reduction potential. It is used to measure the extent of oxidation and reduction (anti-oxidation) of substances. The value is expressed in mv units.
Those with oxidizing ability are expressed as + (positive). Those who have the ability to reduce are represented by – (negative). In the chemical redox reaction, the reduced side releases electrons, and the oxidized side gains electrons. That generates voltage in the context of supply and demand of electron(s). ORP is a measure of the voltage generated by redox. Foods or beverages with lower redox potentials (negative values) have greater potential to reverse the aging process of human cells

Generally, tap water used in households has a positive potential to indicate that it contains oxidizing power. The more serious the water pollution is, the higher the positive potential value will be.
Most of our bodies are constantly oxidized.
Oxidation refers to rust, aging, and corruption. To prevent oxidation, you must eat more foods with reducing power; in particular, allowing our body to absorb water with negative potential reducing power is the most helpful for restoring health.

Lower redox potential (food or beverage with negative value has greater potential to reverse the aging of human cells)


General drinking water 0
Antioxidant food -100
Electrolytic reduction water -250

Why do we need electrolyzed water?
Because of environmental pollution, coupled with our improper living habits, such as smoking, alcohol, meat, lack of sleep and stress, etc., a large number of free radicals will be produced. Too many free radicals will damage the cells in the body and will accelerate the oxidation and decline of the body, which is easily cause illness or triggers cancer cells. Human body acidification is the source of all diseases!

The acidification of the body is actually equivalent to the acidification of the cells. When the cells are acidified, organs and various tissues lose their vitality. As a result, it is easy to cause various types of chronic diseases, and to accelerate aging of the body. Finally, when cells are excessively acidified and oxidized, cell membrane will harden and the channels on it will block, and metabolic activities cannot run smoothly.

Therefore, we need to drink electrolyzed reduced water, which not only contains a lot of minerals, but also has a lot of active hydrogen, and has an antioxidant index (ORP) of -250mv or less. It can effectively remove free radicals (toxins in the body), thereby improving physical fitness. Long-term drinking of electrolyzed reduced water can effectively improve or prevent many chronic urban diseases.

Help absorb minerals, prevent from osteoporosis, increase calcium. The mineral ions such as Ca2+ and Mg2+ in the electrolytic reduced water are activated to become dissociated calcium ions and Magnesium ions, also known as active calcium and active magnesium, which greatly improves the absorption rate of the gastrointestinal tract. Long-term drinking of electrolytic reduced water is especially helpful for improving lack of minerals. People who suffer from diseases and aging due to calcium deficiency are of great help.

Anti-aging, anti-fatigue, health care, regulating blood sugar, regulating blood lipids.
Since “electrolyzed reduced water” often has a negative potential and is alkaline, it is a very good drinking water, and it has a certain health care effect. “Electrolyzed Reduced Water” can improve T-cell activity, reduce triglycerides, cholesterol, anti-fatigue, anti-oxidant, improve superoxide dis-mutation activity, regulate blood sugar, regulate blood lipids, etc.

“Electrolyzed reduced water” can improve the activity of SOD and eliminate free radicals. It also has the effect of reducing allergen activity.
SOD is an active substance derived from living organisms, which can eliminate harmful substances produced by living organisms during metabolism. The continuous supplement of SOD to the human body has a special anti-aging effect.