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Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier


•Effectively remove sludge, rust impurities, micro-organisms, suspended matter…. coarse impurities and any turbidity in water.
•improve water taste; effectively absorb chlorine, tri-halo-methane, different colors, odors, pesticides and chemical organics in water.
•0.0001 micron meter (0.1 nm) Reverse Osmosis membrane removes impurities in water, such as viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, etc.
•use granular activated carbon to improve water taste and PH value that make water more delicious

Package Including

  • Permanent maintenance
  • Free water quality test
  • Free installation, relocation and reinstallation service
  • The company-own service team provides regularly repairing,
  • maintenance and filter element replacement service in
  • profession manner
  • Thirty years of stable and reliable professional water purification experience
  • 12-month credit card interest-free installment


WATER GALAXY RO17 Reverse Osmosis System

size: 58.8cm(H),26.8cm(D)

Filter Type Length(cm) Diameter(cm) Flow Rate Average Life
Carbon Pre-Filter 43.2 7.4 3.75GPM 6-12 months 
RO Element 47.6 8 0.25GPM 2-4years
Carbon Post-Filter 25.4 5.1 2.8GPM 6-12 months 

Remarks: The core replacement time depends on the water quality and dosage

Features and Benefits

• Continuous Flow- No storage tank needed

• Works with Line Pressure- > 2.76 bar / 40 psi

• No Pump or Electricity

• Never Runs Dry- On-demand flow system will create hundreds of liters per day

• Consistent Membrane Efficiency

• High Recovery System- Less wasted water goes down the drain

• Tough Stuff- Constructed of high impact plastic for years of dependability

• Virtually Maintenance Free- Change cartridges fast and easy – no scrubbing or cleaning

• Sleek Styling- Distinctive appliance-style design appeals to customers

•No Tanks!- Never again worry about contamination or loss of tank pressure.