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SH-09 – Shower Filter

Imported material from Japan


Product Type: SH-09 Shower Filter

Size: 26cm x Diameter: 9cm

Pipe size (cm) ½ ”

Capacity & Filter cartridge KDF-170g x2, Calcium bisulfite 70g

Shell weight: 206g

Shell Material: Polypropylene

Filter cartridge weight: 50gx2

-Material imported from Japan

-Chlorine removal function will not affected by temperature.

-Best anion releasing effect in the industry. Not only able to remove chlorine,

but also able to remove chlorine compound 15,000gal from household environment effectively.



** The water flow might have differences depends on the material type of filter cartridge. We provide various types of filter cartridge including resin, activated carbon, KDF, AFG,

Polypropylene, ceramics and more.**

** Filter cartridge replacing time: Depends on the water quality and required capacity.

Model No. SH-09
Measurement Height: 26cm x Diameter: 9cm
Pipe Size (cm) ½”
Cartridge/ Capacity KDF – 170g x2
Calcium sulfite 70g
Outer shell weight 206g
Cartridge weight 50gx2
– Imported material from Japan
– chlorine removal effect would not be affected by
– ion release is the top one in the industry,
– not only remove direct chlorine, but also has
energy function to effectively remove 15,000gal
of chlorine
Component of Housing PP
** Flow rate which will be depends on the material or cartridges, we provide with variety types, such as resin, activated carbon, KDF, brim, filter-AFG, and polypropylene, ceramic.
** Cartridge replacement is subject to water quality and volume.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 35 cm